Drowning Sorrows and Celebrating Wins with Country Songs About Beer

Country Songs About A Beer In My Hand

There’s no better way to celebrate a good time than with a cold beer. Country singers understand this, which is why they aren’t afraid to sing about the love of a beer. Whether they’re drowning their sorrows or celebrating their wins, these country songs about a beer in your hand are the perfect accompaniment to any night out.

It’s a night out

It may seem odd for a band that lost frontman Bon Scott in a plane crash to have a song about booze, but this anarcho-punk anthem is an exuberant ode to getting drunk and falling down. It’s also a reminder to drink responsibly, and to avoid mixing whiskey with beer.

Five-time Country Music Entertainer of the Year Bryan blasts a cold one and celebrates his good luck on this ode to partying hardy. The video, filmed as a one-take shot, puts the viewer in the front row of his carefree good time.

Ray Davies poses the question, ‘Has everybody got problems?’ and elicits a chorus of ‘yeahs’ on this Kinks classic. Though less sleazy than other songs on this list, the tune is still a rollicking celebration of booze as the cure for depression, shitty jobs and media-based fears. A perfect song to sing along with while line dancing at a honky-tonk.

It’s a party

A party is a social gathering where people celebrate in an unrestrained and often boisterous manner, usually while drinking alcoholic beverages or taking drugs. The word party is also used figuratively to refer to a specific person or group of people:

In the song “Born With A Beer In My Hand,” Morgan Wallen speaks of his family history with alcohol and how it has shaped him. He also mentions a brand of beer that holds sentimental value and memories for him. The lyrics suggest that Wallen is a natural party animal and is at his best when he is surrounded by friends and drinks.

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