Celebrate America with the Beer Eagle Bong

A Beer Eagle Bong is a Beer-Inspired Decoration

A beer eagle is a patriotic, beer-inspired decoration made of quality cardboard. It’s easy to assemble and is sure to bring a smile to any beer lover’s face.

Pipeworks approached Longman & Eagle with an idea for a collaboration beer. The beer would be available for a limited time and be sold on draft and in 22oz bottles.

The Freedom Funnel

Unleash the spirit of freedom in your drinking with this one-of-a-kind eagle-shaped beer bong. Designed to celebrate everything that’s great about America, this unique patented beer funnel is perfect for partying with friends and is an ideal gift for patriotic holidays and events, or for anyone who loves to drink and love the USA!

It’s easy to fill the eagle’s cavity with your favorite beverage and enjoy up to 60oz of freedom. The tail feather of this mighty avian can be used as a bottle opener, and the eagle’s beak also doubles as a convenient pourer that delivers a smooth and lightning-fast delivery.

The eagle’s beak is specially designed to crack open cans and is easily operated with one hand, allowing you to focus on toasting the red, white, and blue. This unique party funnel is a must-have for all Eagles fans! Made in the USA.

The Presidential Perch

The beer eagle draws on deeply set American political imagery. The Commission on Presidential Debates, for instance, uses an eagle with wings spread as its logo. The eagle is also the official symbol of the National Football League and adorns countless breweries.

The bald eagle is also the nation’s bird of freedom. In a nod to the symbol of liberty, an American-made eagle-shaped bottle opener is dubbed The Presidential Perch. It can hold up to 60oz of your favorite beverage. Its patent-pending design includes a unique vortex pour that makes it the fastest beer delivery system on the market. It’s a perfect gift for beer olympics, spring break, boat and bachelorette parties. It also makes an excellent White Elephant gift exchange, Secret Santa or gag gift for America.

The Budweiser Clydesdales are making their way to Texarkana this fall. Thanks to Eagle Distributing, you can see the horses thunder through downtown on November 1st and 4th. They’ll be outside Crossties Event Venue, so anyone can enjoy them for free.

The Multi-Functional Beak

The diversity of beak shapes among birds has been assumed to reflect adaptations to different diets and feeding behaviors, but only a small portion of beak-feeding associations have focused on beak size rather than shape (Grant 1981; Benkman 1988). Additionally, the beak serves many functions beyond feeding that may trade-off with feeding performance and limit the impact of selection on beak morphology.

To test the relationship between beak function and shape, I used a multidimensional scaling analysis to evaluate beak mechanical advantage, tomium angle and culmen angle. These functional metrics are based on the mechanism by which jaw muscle forces are transmitted through the beak to the skull, a process called cranial kinesis. I also included a third PLS axis that correlates with the rhamphotheca layer, which covers the beak and is preserved only on skeletal specimens. This metric explains only 8% of beak shape variation and is unlikely to reflect selection on beak function.

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